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RSJ 05

Sugarcane Juicer

Instant Sugarcane Juice within a minute

73% Juice Extraction By Weight of Sugarcane by Single Crushing

The machine is pretty compact and can be placed right in front of costumers. Fresh, Pure and Hygienic Juice onetime, every time. Indeed, the rollers used in the machine are of food grade stainless steel, though other machine makers agree to plastic rollers. Rust free and sturdy, the item works on absent of much support or upkeep. In this way you continue make benefit and don’t need to keep doling out for overheads.
As compared to other machines in the market our machine does not require periodical lubrication. Also it is very economical, consuming as low as 1/2 HP (400 Watts) which results in low electricity bill at the end of the month. This point should be considered minutely by everyone before buying any machine which actually means you earn more rather than spend more.

Sugarcane A Promise of Good Health !

It will improve health of people considerably by decreasing the diseases and disappearing malnutrition. Expenses on doctors and medicines will reduce heavily.

Accurate Nozzle

Nozzle protects the outer dust and gives proper flow to juice. It is placed right in front of the customer that builds confidence in him and of course increases the sales.

Extra Power Socket

With extra socket you can also use your mixer grinder or any other equipment with this device that skips the requirement of any other extension wire or board for it.

Easy to Operate Control Panel

It has least possibility of any mis-happening. Very easy to operate control panel for hazel free operation.

3 Roller Mechanism

Comes with 3 roller mechanism that gives you approximately 73% juice extraction with only single crush.

Super Hygienic, High Grade Stainless Steel Body

One time Crushing Mechanism

Very compact design and so can be moved from one place to other easily.

Very efficient, sturdy and noiseless

Very simple and easy to operate, even a child can operate it.

Runs on single phase and so can be used anywhere ( Where there is electric connection )

No maintenance required, except regular cleaning. Very easy to clean.

Power consumption is very economical.

All contact parts are made of stainless steel.

No open parts as in traditional sugarcane crushers. So contamination from flies and dust is avoided.