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Rigour India introduces the World’s Smallest Sugarcane Juice Machine Homey, a fresh sugarcane juice companion for your home, stores, and restaurants. It’s really user-friendly, and it’s easier to keep up with.
This sugarcane juice machine is the easiest and simplest kind homey sugarcane juice equipment to buy for long-term use.

Sugarcane Juicer

73% Juice Extraction By Weight of Sugarcane by Single Crushing

The machine is pretty compact and can be placed right in front of costumers. Fresh, Pure and Hygienic Juice onetime, every time. Indeed, the rollers used in the machine are of food grade stainless steel, though other machine makers agree to plastic rollers. Rust free and sturdy, the item works on absent of much support or upkeep. In this way you continue make benefit and don’t need to keep doling out for overheads.

9 surprising benefits of sugarcane juice you must know

Sugarcane juice is without a doubt one of the best summertime drinks for quenching thirst and beating the heat. It is a healthier alternative to canned beverages. This natural drink contains no chemicals and offers numerous health benefits. The taste of this tasty tropical fruit is just one aspect of what makes it so special.

The Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice


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At first, I was surprised! Sugarcane Juice Machine for home? But, I’m very satisfied with this machine. A working mother like me just wants this type of product very easy to use and add on I don’t have to waste my time cleaning. For fresh sugarcane juice daily, this machine is definitely worth it.

Chetna Panchal

This Rigour Sugarcane Juice machine is helping me out to serve more fresh and healthy glasses with minimal cost and easy operation compared to traditional hand-operated machines. This machine is completely satisfactory and recommend to buy every shop or restaurant owner.

Yug Trivedi


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