Sugarcane juice in Monsoon

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You may be wondering if the summer season is gone and so is the season of sugarcane. But it is not true. In fact, Monsoon is a very feasible season indeed to enjoy sugarcane juice. Below are the reasons why :

1. Hydration

Sugarcane juice can help in hydrating the body during the monsoon season when the weather is humid and there may be a higher chance of sweating. It provides a natural source of fluids and can help in replenishing lost fluids.

2. Nutritional Benefits

Sugarcane juice contains essential nutrients, including carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, which can be beneficial for maintaining energy levels and overall health during the monsoon. The vitamins and minerals present in the juice can support the immune system and help protect against common monsoon ailments.

3. Freshly Prepared

To gain all the health benefits of sugarcane juice during monsoon, you need to make sure that it is freshly prepared. Monsoon is especially the season when you should only consume homemade food and strictly avoid food prepared in unhygienic conditions. Especially, consuming stale juices during this season may lead to food poisoning and many other diseases.

To completely eliminate the risk of these threats, you can consider bringing home the Rigour sugarcane juice machine homey. It is very reasonably priced, compact in size, and comes with 2 years replacement warranty. In fact, it is the world’s smallest sugarcane juice machine and is backed by 24X7 customer support.

4. Increased Immunity

In Ayurveda, sugarcane juice is considered to break the fast after fasting for a long time. Also, jaggery which is made of sugarcane is used in many Ayurvedic medicines. Sugarcane juice in the low-immunity season of Monsoon can help keep many diseases at bay and help in maintaining overall health.

5. Great for Diet

Monsoon is the season of fasting. Almost all religions in this season have fasts prescribed to give rest to the system. On the days of fasting, sugarcane juice consumption comes as a boon as it would keep the stomach full for a long time. It also contains many nutrients such as Phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

All in all, sugarcane juice consumption in the monsoon season is a great idea. If you want even more capacity( then you can also check out RSJ05 sugarcane juicer which has a capacity of 85 Ltr/ Hr juice extraction.


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