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The summer season is here, and the streets are filled with the aroma of fresh sugarcane juice. Although it may feel tempting to have that glass of sugarcane juice fetched from the street vendor, have you ever thought about the hygiene issues that come while having the juice and after having the juice?

First of all, the personal hygiene of vendors needs to be considered. Do they wear gloves while juicing the sugarcane?

Then, think about the hygiene with which sugarcane juice is churned. Do their utensils are clean and washed regularly? The ice they use, is it hygienic? And how do they store sugarcane? Are the storage conditions viable for your health?

The quality of ice that the street vendors use can easily be questioned and if you ever see the ice melting in the glass, you would be sure to find dirt in it.

And consuming such quality sugarcane juice will lower your health standards instead of increasing them.

All these concerns only have one answer: “Rigour sugarcane juice machine”.

Have your daily dose of sugarcane juice at the convenience of your home, and enjoy hygienic sugarcane juice, and that too, at 10 times less price than street vendors.

While the typical rate for sugarcane juice on the streets is 20 rs, with the Rigour sugarcane juice machine, you can have a fresh glass of sugarcane for just Rs. 2.

In today’s busy life, who has time to buy fresh fruits every day and churn juice on those hard-to-use juicers? It will easily take one hour of your precious time to hardly come up with one or two glasses of juice. The price of fruits is also at an all-time high, which also makes it economically infeasible to have fresh juices every day.

While in the case of sugarcane, that is not the case. Sugarcane is much cheaper than other fruits and in contrast to other fruits like oranges, mousambi, and pomegranate it can be stored for a long time (around 2-3 weeks), Making you free from the hassle of going to market every day.

If you are struggling to achieve your health goals and have invested thousands in gym fees, and subscriptions to health/yoga clubs, or if your home is crammed with that heavy cardio machine lying in the corner unused, the Rigour sugarcane juice machine is just for you. 

Because once you bring it home, having healthy sugarcane juice every day will no longer be a hassle. Just ensure a regular supply of sugarcane on a weekly basis, and within 5 minutes you can have your daily dose of nature’s goodness every day.

It is also very compact and would require much less space than those heavy cardio machines you brought in the name of health and no longer use.

And did you know that incorporating natural foods into your diet wants to make you exercise more? So no longer skip days from gym and yoga.

In conclusion, having sugarcane juice would make you want to exercise more and when you exercise more you would definitely crave something nature-made then to have that cheese-filled slice of pizza. And ultimately, the more healthy food you consume, the more you would want to exercise.

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