Rigour sugarcane juice machine: Why Restaurants should own it

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Rigour sugarcane juice machine: Why Restaurants should own it

Are you a restaurant owner? Then investing in good sugarcane juice machines in summer should be of utmost importance to you. Because the demand for sugarcane juice skyrockets during the hot months of Summer.
And if you do not have the proper equipment to roll out liters of sugarcane juice every day, then you might miss a potentially large market, because people prefer having sugarcane juice at restaurants any day over street vendors, because of hygiene issues. Rigour provides two models of sugarcane juice machine, the Homey sugarcane juice machine, and the RSJ05 sugarcane juice machine, which have capacities of 35ltr / hr and 85ltr / hr respectively.
Here are the detailed features of the Rigour sugarcane juice machine, so you can be assured of making the best investment.


Unlike the old machines requiring manual labor, Rigour sugarcane juice machines are entirely automatic.


Our Homey model can easily fit inside your kitchen. It is made keeping home use in mind and it is the smallest sugarcane juice machine in the world.

Commercial use

Our products are manufactured with a lot of research and come with all facilities for commercial use.

Reverse Function

The reverse Function ensures sugarcane does not get stuck inside the machine and cleans the machine efficiently.

High safety standards

Our machine comes with a circuit breaker button which helps with power overload.

Economically feasible

Our products are economically feasible and offer great ROI(Return on Investment).

2 years of Replacement warranty

Our RSJ05 model of sugarcane juice comes with 2 year of replacement warranty.

Machine Run indicator

RSJ05 model comes with a machine-run indicator.

Extra power plug

You can connect any other electronic device to this power plug and do not need an extension wire. For example, you can connect your mixer to the power plug.

Voltage indicator

We believe in complete transparency with our customers, and our voltage indicator ensures the same.

Intelligent control panel

With an intelligent control panel, that would not be found in many automatic machines available today, you can reverse the direction of the rollers, check voltage, etc.

Food grade Stainless Steel Rollers

Unlike many other similar products in the market that use plastic rollers, the Rigour sugarcane juice machine uses Food grade stainless steel rollers, which makes all our products of premium quality, as all their components are made of premium food-grade stainless steel.