Homey Sugarcane Juicer Machine

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Homey Sugarcane Juicer Machine

Rigour India introduces the World’s Smallest Homey Sugarcane Juicer, a fresh sugarcane juice companion for your home, stores, and restaurants. It’s really user-friendly, and it’s easier to keep up with.
This sugarcane juice machine is the easiest and simplest kind homey sugarcane juice equipment to buy for long-term use.

It requires less space to function and also with more benefits of,


Stall Shops & Malls

Hotels & Corporate Office

Home and Societies

Club & Resorts

Café/ Restaurants

Features of Homey

World’s smallest

World's smallest sugar cane Juice machine, a f resh sugarcane juice companion for your home, stores, and restaurants.

One time Crushing Mechanism

It comes with a highly efficient 3 roller mechanism, which gives the maximum extraction of juice by only a single pass

Intelligent Control Panel voice commands

It gives voice alerts while the machine is facing he avy or low voltage load or on o verloading of sugarcane stic ks.

Made F rom food gr ade SS 304 Material

It is made f rom food-grade SS 304 material, to process and pour healthy and h ygienic sugarcane juice with high durability .

Silent working

It is designed to function silently even with hard sugarcane sticks. This machine emits only 56 db noise while in operation.

Accurate Nozzle

It is designed to protect the outer dust & other things to go inside of the nozzle and ensures to give a proper flow of juice.

Technical Specifications


400 W

Crushing Capacity

45 Ltr/ Hr


Stainless Steel Grade SS304


33 k g

Juice Extraction Ratio


Dimension for Cart (L x WxH)

14 x 9 .30 x 12 inches