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Food Wast Disposer

Save food scraps its a treasure for soil

Food Waste Disposers can mitigate climate change and reduce costs.

Crusher ensures zero waste management system at both domestic and commercial environments. Crusher can be easily installed under sink without affecting the look and feel of your facility. Crusher has been developed to meet stringent industry standards, while taking cost-effectiveness into consideration.
Crusher eliminates food waste and brings in a hygienic environment. Crusher could handle various food wastes and efficiently grind it into small particles that can be easily removed.


Technical Specifications

We have two different models to fulfill your kitchen needs. Both are made from highly durable food grade SS 304 material.

Model No. RWFD506
Size (l x h x w)797 x 825 x 467Motor Details
Body MaterialSS 304HP1.5
Parts MaterialSS 304Kw1.11 KW
Brim Capacity12 LtrsMounting TypeFlange Mount
Capacity200 Kg / HourRPM1440
Space Required6 Sq. Ft.PhaseSingle or 3 Phase
Applicable ForWet & Dry food wasteElectric Units0.74 Unit / Hour
Model No. RWFD507
Size (l x h x w)805 x 846 x 475Motor Details
Body MaterialSS 304HP2
Parts MaterialSS 304Kw1.49 KW
Brim Capacity26 LtrsMounting TypeFlange Mount
Capacity300 Kg / HourRPM1440
Space Required7 Sq. Ft.PhaseSingle or 3 Phase
Applicable ForWet & Dry food wasteElectric Units1.11 Unit / Hour

Crush your food Wastes! Make Better World!

Waste food disposal system fits your home. It is cost effective and odor free device that can help you with even the toughest clean ups. Purchase the one that is best for you.

SS 304 four side cutting blade

Food grade sharp edge cutting blade for even grinding of food waste. Large grind chamber and superior stainless steel grinding elements handle even more waste.

Smartly designed ventilation grill

With a state of the art waste disposer from Rigour, you will have space saving, compact design and 40% quiter than standard models.

Clean and Hassle free process

Safety, convenience and performance are central to each Rigour food waste disposer and there's a unit for every style of kitchen.

Digital Volt and AMPS Meter

Smart digital display for Volt and AMPS meter to show power consumption.

Comparison between Traditional and Rigour Waste Disposer

 Traditional Food Waste Disposer – Drawbacks
1Food Waste often results in unclean kitchen.
2Waste collection and disposal is a burden.
3Food waste chokes pipes resulting in overflowing waste water.
4Food waste blocks sinks and pipes inviting rodents.
5Plumbing solutions are unavoidable – waste of time, money and resources
6Unclean kitchen causes gastro-intestinal infections.
 Advanced Rigour Food Waste Disposer – Benefits
1Manual handling and bulky wastes results in strenuous work and stressful situation – Enjoy complete freedom from this undesirable scenario.
2A clean kitchen is always a better kitchen and productive too – as cleaning work is considerable reduced.
3A neat and tidy environment – thanks to ergonomic improvements.
4No bad odors, pests and bacteria formation, instead enjoy pleasant working condition and better hygiene.